Privacy Policy


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JOINING knows that nothing is more important than your trust. Therefore, in JOINING Jonning, you must respect and strictly protect your privacy.
The protection of your personal privacy is the basis of all aspects of JOINING's operations and development. Therefore, those matters that involve your personal information in all aspects should be truthfully informed and licensed by JOINING Jonning. The main purpose is to give you a more assured and better user experience. . Of course, you can also ask JOINING to stop getting this information at any time.
JOINING Jonning prohibits the sale of any information that is based on your registration information on this website or the purchase of the company's products to advertisers; JOINING Jonning prohibits the use of information stored in JOINING Jonning for trust to earn Non-compliance benefits; JOINING Jonning will not read your electronic information without your permission to market related products to you.
The initial focus of all JOINING products and services is to provide users with high-quality and practical assistant-type smart products, and have a better user experience.
JOINING cherishes your trust, which is our original intention and commitment to protect your personal privacy information.