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1) Warranty policy
First, the terms of service
All the products you purchase on the JOINING website can enjoy the three-pack service we provide for you.

Second, the product warranty regulations
1. Product host (please confirm at the time of purchase, except for goods that should not be returned) Since the date of receipt of the goods, the goods are intact within 7 days, the product packaging and accessories are complete, and the appearance of the host is not damaged and no one is damaged. 7 days no reason to return."
2. From the date of receipt, if there is a performance failure caused by non-human damage within 7 days, JOINING Jonning authorized the inspection results of the after-sales outlets, you can choose to return or replace the same model with the same specifications or free maintenance service.
3. From the 8th day to the 15th day from the date of receipt, there will be performance failures caused by non-human damage. With JOINING Jonning authorized after-sales outlet detection results, you can choose to replace the same model of the same specification machine or repair service.
4. From the date of receipt of the goods, if the host has a performance failure caused by non-human damage within one year, consumers can enjoy free maintenance service at JOINING authorized service outlets.
5. If there is any wear or scratch on the appearance of the product, no return service will be provided.

Third, the warranty terms and conditions
-Warranty period;
- Failure to use, maintain, or maintain the product in accordance with the product instruction manual;
- damage caused by mistakes such as falling, squeezing, or immersion;
- damage caused by force majeure such as floods, fires, lightning strikes;
- Goods that have been repaired by a non-JOINING authorized service center;
- Use non-JOINING original accessories from Joning, resulting in product failure or accident;
- Any item not sold by JOINING authorized channels, and the model number, serial number and manufacturing number indicated on the item have been changed, deleted, moved or unidentifiable;
If any of the above items are changed, the relevant regulations or new laws and regulations newly updated by the company shall prevail. Please refer to the product manual warranty for specific warranty terms.

2) Return policy
JOINING Jonning's products are authentic licensed and have formal invoices. JOINING will provide 7 days (including) returns, 15 days (including) replacement and one-year warranty for the products sold in strict accordance with the national three guarantee policy. .

1. Judgment on the validity period of return and exchange
The return period is valid from the date of your receipt (including), and you will be able to submit your return and return application on the "My Order" page of JOINING's website. For example, if you sign the goods on May 1st, you must submit a return application at Huawei Mall on May 7th, or at the latest on May 15th. If you exceed this date, you will not be able to return the goods. service.

2、Definition of whether the returned commodity meets the criteria
First of all, we will usually review it for you within 24 hours. After the initial application of the return and exchange application, please return the necessary items as soon as possible, and the warehouse will enter the warehouse after confirming that the items are complete and meet the return and exchange standards, and exchange or refund. Please refer to the following table for the items that need to be returned in different return and exchange scenarios:

Return and exchange situation

Need to return the list


Commodity quality problem

Commodity mainframe, complete accessories, complete original packaging, original invoice, test result report, giveaway

Loss of goods, missing parts, wrong goods

The original parcel returned (please reject it on the spot)

Customer personal reason

Commodity mainframe, complete accessories, complete original packaging, original invoice, gifts


Commodity quality problem

Commodity mainframe, complete accessories, complete original packaging, test results report

Logistics damage or wrong goods

The original parcel returned (please reject it on the spot)


①Return the invoice and return the invoice.
②Invoices, warranty cards, test reports and other documents cannot be altered.
③The complete accessories of the goods refer to the charger, data cable, warranty card, etc. in the original packaging. For details, please refer to the “packing list” on the corresponding product details page.
④Complete original packaging refers to the packaging of the product at the factory, including the color printing carton and the liner packaging in the carton. It is recommended that the outer packaging be kept for 15 days from the date of receipt.
⑤The test result report only refers to the user who needs to send it back at the site detection, and the user who directly sends it back to the JOINING warehouse test does not need to send it back.
⑥A giveaway is a gift that has a zero price.

3、Judgment on the attribution of logistics expenses
1)For non-human quality problems, the company will bear the return shipping cost, please be sure to return all the required items at one time. If you do not send all the items in one time, you need to bear the shipping cost of the remaining items. If the object is incomplete, it needs to be filled. If it cannot be filled, it will be handled according to the non-conformity policy. If you send back items that are not needed for return, we will send them back.

2)For personal reasons of the customer, JOINING Jonning will not be responsible for the possible shipping costs and will be borne by you. If you choose to pay when you return, Huawei Mall will deduct 20 yuan shipping fee when refunding (except for SF first and remote areas).

4、Model description of replaceable items
The product exchange only supports the replacement of the same model, the same specifications, the same color of the goods.

5、Service Policy Description for Accessories and Premiums
1)Please pay attention to the different concepts of standard, accessories and gifts: the original package is standard, the extra purchase is the accessory, and the gift is given with the event and the price is zero.
2)If there is a quality problem with the standard, you are advised to apply at the outlet. Accessories within the three-package range, such as chargers and data cables, can be returned and exchanged according to the three-pack policy (for non-three-package products, please contact JOINING Qiaoning customer service consulting). If there is a quality problem within the three-package, you can apply for a replacement.

6、Others do not apply for return or exchange
1)Any non-JOINING Jonning authorized regular channel to sell merchandise.
2)Over-the-counter goods (more than three packs of warranty).
3)Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, improper quality of the product caused by improper installation, or tearing, alteration of label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark.
4)Incompletely returned the items that JOINING asked for back (please refer to the “Return to list” form above).
5)The three-pack certificate or the three-pack certificate information of the invoice and warranty card of the product cannot be provided and the product does not match and is altered.
6)The return of the goods due to logistics damage, missing or wrong goods, the customer has signed, and can not provide the relevant credentials issued by the logistics company.
7)At the time of purchase, the goods that do not support return and exchange are clearly stated.

1)JOINING The pictures provided on the Jonin webpage may be slightly different from the real one due to the changes in the lighting and the color difference of the display. The effect diagrams and diagrams are for reference only (the pictures are composite pictures, simulated pictures), and the appearance of the products (including Not limited to color) Please refer to the actual product.
2)Due to space limitations, the information contained in JOINING Jonning (including but not limited to product specifications, functional descriptions, etc.) may be incomplete, please refer to the specific information in the product manual.
3)Due to your technical level and the limitations of the use environment, JOINING Jonning will not accept the return.

Return service commitment
1、Online application, nationwide warranty
Please log in to JOINING's official website or authorized channel store as soon as you have the return request. If you need help, please contact customer service.

2、Our customer service is 7 days x 13 hours working system
JOINING Jo Ning customer service staff working hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 to 12:00, 13:30 to 23:00. Under normal circumstances, we will review your application within 24 hours. The initial review only means that JOINING Jonning accepts your return application, but does not mean to agree to your return, the specific judgment depends on the product quality test report. And the satisfaction of other return conditions.

3、Hotline consultation service
1)During the product return period, if you have any questions, please contact JOINING Qiaoning Customer Service Hotline 400-900-9522.
2)Exceeding the return period, but within the warranty period, you are welcome to call the customer service hotline 400-900-9522 to go to the after-sales maintenance department to serve you.

4、Return service processing cycle
1)Return processing cycle: From the date when the returned complete goods and related items are successfully put into storage, generally 3-5 working days (excluding the bank arrival period).
2)Exchange processing cycle: From the date when the returned complete goods and related items are successfully put into storage, in general, you will be sent out the goods within 7 working days.
3)In case of national statutory holidays, discrepancies with the return policy, personal reasons for the customer or other issues that need to be negotiated, the time for negotiation and processing may increase.

5.Authorized repair outlet