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Joining Free Company Profile

Shenzhen Joining Free Technology Co., Ltd. found in May 2013, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of table lamp and audio technology.


With the concept of “free and easy life” and the needs of the consumers as guidance, Joining Free is committed to develop and innovate high-tech products, focused on product optimization and quality upgrading, in order to provide those who pursuing better life with practical products of excellent quality.


We mainly develop and manufactures smart eye-caring table lamps, night-light, Ultraviolet light, teaching headsets, music headphones, portable speakers and so forth. The company has equipped with an experienced product research and development team, a professional manufacturing and inspection equipment, and a well-rounded management system. Abiding by the concept of customer orientation, focused on team cooperation, bringing into play the artisan spirit, and pursuing an optimistic ideology, Joining Free company runs with an open, humanizing, and simple management style. Currently, the company has over 30 patents and software copyrights in China and Global. Generally, all of our mainstream products have passed the certification of CCC, CE, FCC, UL, PSE, KC, RoHS, etc. Our products mainly sell within China, Europe Union, Japan, South Korea, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and etc.


We are constantly exploring the frontiers of advanced technology, increasing the investments in research and development, pursuing new innovations in designing, persistently create excellent and practical products for our consumers.


Company vision, mission, quality policy and core values:


Focus on care of “eye and ear health”, Pursuing better life,


Providing excellent and practical products for customers.

Quality Policy:

Listen to customer needs, strive for excellence.

About Jonning

Jonning culture

Company Vision

Become a world-class brand in the field of consumer smart hardware

Company Mission

Provide users with high quality and practical assistant intelligent products

Company Vision

User orientation: the inexhaustible needs of users now and in the future are the only reasons we exist;
Altruistic thinking: first achieve others and then achieve yourself;
Teamwork: Respecting the value, ability and creativity of individuals, only by organizing the collective power to release more energy for the individual;
The pursuit of the ultimate: through down-to-earth efforts and perseverance, continuous innovation and optimization, to provide users with quality and practical assistant-type smart products;
Social Responsibility: Strictly abide by local laws and regulations, be a qualified corporate citizen, and give more and more feedback to the society.

JOINING source and definition

JOINING, literally means "join, connect." The logo is designed in a single font, basically consisting of straight lines and circles. The beginning of the "J" and the end of the "G" are finished with a slash, breaking the rigid square, the simple atmosphere does not lose the beauty. The color elements are mainly Chinese red, representing auspiciousness, enthusiasm and publicity. The Jooning people who reflect continuous innovation and excellence not only bring users convenient and high-quality products, but also realize people's "smart life, free mastery". Vision.


On November 8, 2016, he won the charity award of the Guangdong Lions Peace Service Team.

China's preferred brand plaque

JOINING won the CCTV Preferred Brand Awarding Ceremony

JOINING won the CCTV Preferred Brand Awarding Ceremony

Product certification

Domestic patent

Foreign patent


Why join JOINING

1) Culture and atmosphere: open and honest working atmosphere, throw away the complicated concept of hierarchy, respect individual value, ability and creativity, freely and freely put forward their own ideas and ideas, and release the individual's bigger by organizing collective power. energy.



2) Product and innovation: Based on the inexhaustible needs of users now and in the future, through continuous innovation and optimization, we provide users with high-quality and practical assistant-type intelligent products, so that JOINING Jonning can feel exciting innovation for everyone. .



3) Talent and learning: Working with a group of like-minded partners, and learning from a group of hard-working and innovative partners, the same group of down-to-earth and consistent partners go hand in hand.


Customer service hotline:


Address: 16F, Block C, Qifengda Building, Taohuayuan Science and Technology Innovation Park, Furong Road, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Company phone:+86 755 2328 1320      
Domestic market:+86 755 2334 1862  
Foreign market:+86 755 2334 0510      
Fax:+86 755 2330 2013